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960 Skei - Gutvik

Prices from Januay 1st 2021.

Prices for passenger

Price applies to passenger travel without vehicle.

Billett person
TicketFull priceAutoPASS ferry*

Prices for vehicle

Price applies to one vehicle including one driver.

Rute 870
LengthFull priceAutoPASS ferry*
0-6 m10251
6.01-8 m293147
8.01-10 m388194
10.01-12 m471236
12.01-14 m547274
14.01-17 m668344
17.01-19 m766383
over 19.01 m887444

Prices for zero emission vehicles

Price applies to one vehicle including one driver.

Priser for nullutslippskjøretøy
LengthFull priceAutoPASS ferry*
0-6 m5126
6,01-8 m12563
8,01-10 m14774
10,01-12,5 m19497
12,51-14,5 m236118
14,51-17,5 m274137
17,51-19,5 m334167
19,01 m383192
over 19,01 m444222

* AutoPASS for ferry gives 50 % discount when paying the advance amount (company customers 40 %), and 17 % for passengers. Enter into a payment agreement on