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Plan your trip and find departures in real time.

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Find trip

Search by address, stop, position or select location on map.


With the AtB app, you have a full overview of the entire journey.

  • Save your frequently used places and departures as favorites. It gives you access to your frequently used trips with just one click.

    • Favorite places can be added to travel search or in My AtB under settings.
    • Favorite departures can be added by searching departures. Tap the star to the right of the relevant bus line. To see only favorite departures, press "Show only favorite departures".
  • Get an overview of the entire journey from exactly where you are, to exactly where you are going.

    • Search from address to address, select location on map or use "my location".
    • The travel suggestion includes walking, bus, boat, train, tram.
    • The map shows you all parts of the journey.
  • Under departures you will find departures real-time.

    • Get an overview of real-time departures near you with "my position".
    • Save favorite departures by tapping the star on the right of the selected line and destination.
  • My AtB is where you will find settings, manage favorites and privacy. Here you can:

    • Change the look of the app to night mode, or let it follow your phone's settings.
    • Select home page in the app. Choose between travel searches, departures or tickets.
    • Select language: Norwegian or English, or let it follow your phone's settings.
    • Manage your favorite places and departures.
    • See privacy, info and prices.
    • Clear search history.
  • Towards the fall, we will open up for ticket purchase in the new app, and in the long term it will replace AtB Mobillett. Do you want to test single tickets right now? Join as a test pilot directly in the app.

The development of the app continues and we will make improvements based on customer feedback. Submit your feedback in the app's own chat.

We will continue to work with:

  • Deviation information
  • Info about capacity on bus
  • Ticket purchases for all ticket products
  • Advance ticket purchase
  • Purchase a ticket based on travel suggestions in one and the same app
  • See all mobility services (city bike, flexible transport and the like)
  • Sharing travel search
  • Real-time display of bus in map
  • Widgets

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